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May 17 2009

The Break Is Over ...

I have been on a hiatus for the last few months, since January to be exact.  Not much content to put on the site. 

A combination of the downturn in the economy, not many trains and being busy taking classes at LCCC lead to lack of content.

Been Busy ...

Working 40 hours, taking 6 credits in Graphic Design at LCCC had left me with little tome to work on the web site. 

Some weeks I was spending 3 nights a week at school.  Sometimes till after 10:00 PM


The Good News ...

Here and There I managed to take some photos, not a lot of trains though.  As I get a chance I will put them on the web site. 

Now I have to start going throught all of the pictures I shot.
Scranton is an old city and has a lot of neat things in it .

I spent a lot of time in Scranton on the weekends over the winter and got some odd shots.  There is still a lot of things to explore in Scranton.

So many buildings and old bridges and trestles.

In Wilkes-Barre a lot of the downtown was destroyed by the flood. Scranton did not have a flood but several waves of urban renewal.

Scranton has made many strides in restoring its downtown, but there are still many buildings that need to be fixed up and worked on. There are a lot of cool nightclubs and bars too. Maybe they will restore the old CNJ Station on the end of Lackawanna Ave.

They have been working on the upper part of Lackawanna Ave. I will have to check on the progress of it.

For the summer I think I am gonna get some film and start using the Pentax K-1000 again.

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Getting back to photography and putting pictures on the website.