First Trip To Concrete City


September 02, 2006

Looking at the shots I took of the Concrete City I recall the first time I went down there to try to find it. An Anthracite Enthusist gave me unclear directions to it.

There was no Historical Marker back then. I found the old DL&W Hanover and Nanticoke branch and located the stone bridge abutment for the trestle that used to be there. I walked in the woods a little way by the abutment and nothing there. I saw the other way were the railroad tracks went, but that looked like someones back yard.

Went around to the main street leaving the Hanover section and the got on a trail by the power lines. I went away and when I did not see anything, I turned around.

The I got in my car and drove up Middle road, down Clarks Cross Road, and then down the other road again. Could not find it.

Next week I got better directions and found it. I was supposed to go down a road before the first house as you get into the Hanover Section of Nanticoke. I was looking in the wrong place. If I kept on that trail by the power lines I would have been above the Concrete City. At least I got to go for a good walk.

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