Found Bottle Cap Collection


January 5, 2007

Doing some cleaning, and I found an orange, dented tackle box that had a Free The Hostages sticker on it. (Refering to the Hostages in Iran) I opened it it. It was my Bottle Cap Collection, from grade school days. I really can not figure out why I collected bottle caps. It is an odd thing to collect.

Standing here looking at it, I recall we used to belong to the Pool at the Master Host Inn (or The Host). They had cabannas, which were just a room, with a garage door on it, that had a refrigerator, TV, Microwave in it. In the back was a small changing room and a shower. Everyone was drinking soda and beer and leaving the bottle caps around. As a joke, I started collecting the bottle caps. They were quite colorful and it just sort of took off. My grandfather would bring home bottle caps from the bar when he would go.

Becaue the pool was at a motel, I got bottle caps from all over PA. Sometimes I used to write letters to different companies and they would send me caps. When my uncle went to Mexico, he brought me back bottle caps.

Anyway, there is a lot of history in this tackle box. Many of the local operations have went out of business. The Anthracite region had many Bottling houses and Breweries. Ma's, Penn State Beverage, Star, Hazle Club. They don\'t make the returnable bottles much anymore.

Also I found some beer caps I had not seen in a while - Rheingold, Carling's Black Label, Schlitz, Schmidt's were just some of the old names that I have in my collection.

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