Heard Ed K's Horns in WB


July 4, 2006

I was out on my mountain bike on the Fourth trying to get back in shape. One of the things I do is to try to ride over to Husdon to catch trains, and ride fast. I heard several horn blasts comming from the direction of Laurel Run.

Was unsure if it was comming from Oak Street, so I went to Hudson anyway. Sure enough, the horn was comming from Laurel Run.

Nothing has been running, at least on the Sunbury line, since the flooding, and the 4th of July holiday. Have not heard anything, but I would assume the low lying land like around Mocanaqua got hit.

So it was pretty cool to heard Ed blowing his horns all the way in Laurel Run, when I was in Wilkes-Barre. Ed has an Avalanche all tricked out and rigged to blow air horns.

Edward J. Kaspriske


Diesel Airhorns

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