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August 28, 2008

Before I went to the L&WV 35 Anniversary Dinner, I stopped at the Scranton Farmers Market, off of Providence Rd. I was never there, but heard it was a good one.

Almost immediately, I noticed the place was swarming with cars and people.

I parked my car and as I got out, (of course) I heard what sounded like a train horn.

It must have been the DL on the other side of the river.

Actually I think at one point in time the area of the Farmers Market was served by rail and the tracks went across Providence Road.

As a segway to the Farmers Market, I could not see the train, but did hear the horn.

It was a great Farmers Market. All the stands were packed. All kinds of fruits and veggies and herbs. Some sold jams, jelly and baked goods.

Every kind of pepper and squash you want was there.

It was like an international bazaar. Some people were speaking Spanish. I meet to ladies from Romania. Then two ladies with a little girl were speaking either Russian or Ukrainian.

There was an energy in the air as people rushed around buying all their favorite produce.

The end of the Summer is a great time to get Produce.

I was surprised to see a little stand serving food too. Most Farmers Markets serve food. This stand had hot dogs, piggies, halushki, chile, fries and hamburgs. If I was not going to a dinner I would have got a hot dog with chile or a bowl of chile.

One stand had fresh meats. Too bad I was not going right home or I would have bought something there.

I looked for the best tomatoes and immediately bought some. Next, I found some White Eggplant, and light Purple and Yellow Peppers. These light peppers were supposed to be more mild that the green and colorful too.

I returned these treasures to my car and went back for more. I could not pass up some Salad Cukes for 2 bucks. I also got some Green and Red Peppers. I love them fried. A large Green Zucchini set me back 75 cents, and I had to have some of the Light Green ones, 2 for a buck.

Got a huge bag of Banana Peppers for 2 bucks as well.

I was a little disappointed that all of the Broc and Cauliflower were sold out. As a consolation, one farmer sold me the last Kohlrabi.

I asked him what do you do with it ? He said you cut the tentacles (shoots) off of it, cut off the bottom, slice it and peel it. You can eat it raw or steam it he says.

Anyway, the Market is open Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, Noon till 7 PM, until Thanksgiving.

Farmers I spoke to came from Bradford County, Newton-Ransom, The Back Mountain - in general from all over

Gotta go back another time to get more veggies !

Came home, and had tomato sandwiches. Peeled an ear of corn and put it in the microwave - mmmmm, good. My brother made salsa w/ some of the peppers and the tomatoes. I had cukes w/ Italian Dressing, salt and pepper. We cut up the Kohlrabi and tried it - it tasted like cabbage or maybe the stem of Cauliflower.

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Tid Bit :

Farmers Co-Op Market, off of Providence Road in Scranton has a lot of good stuff there.