Death on the D&H


August 1, 2005

Here is a story that a friends grandmother told me. Back in the 40's in the North End of Wilkes-Barre, a neighbor and a friend went picking coal along the D&H tracks. The Lehigh Valley tracks ran underneath it.

Trestles. North End

The two were walking across the top bridge when a train on the Lower Lehigh Valley Canal Branch track passed by. It was a steam engine and the smoke, steam and noise obscured thier view. As they were walking across the bridge, a train came down the D&H and struck and killed them

Trestles. North End

They shoveled what was left of them into garbage bags. There was not much left. And of course the story ended with DON'T PLAY ON THE TRACKS !!!!

Sorry for the graphic details, but the story was true.

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