CNJ ROW 2007, Miners Mills


April 25, 2007

This ditch is one of the last vestiges of the Central Railroad of New Jersey, in the Miners Mills Section of Wilkes-Barre.

CNJ ROW 2007, Miners Mills

Once or twice in the early to mid 88s I walked the line with a bunch of friends from George Avenue to the Depot on East Main Street. When we got by this part, the ties and rail were stil here, except it was under mud and water.

You know, there were a couple of signal boxes in this area too. There was a traffic light signal, but it was all grown in with trees and vines. Another box for electrical equipment was in the foreground of the picture.

Further down the line, were Mayock street curved, there was a target-block style signal. Then by Gardner Ave, there was a loading dock with a siding. That may have even been a team track.

On George Ave was the Parsons Florist. That building may have been a depot or a station for the CNJ.

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