Car Died On Way To Shoot Harry E


August 29, 2006

I was looking at the pictures I took of the Sullivan Trail Breaker and read the posts that Chris Murley wrote and started to think about that day.

I started off in Scranton shooting the Lackawanna Station Hotel and caught a special D-L / County Rail Authority train. I worked for this place where I was on call and the owner would like call me from California to ask me how to use a computer program. For some reason Ihad to call home and my father gave me a phone number to call. I reversed the charges to CA and spoke to him for 5 minutes.

After that fiasco, I headed to the Sullivan Trail Colliery and shot the breaker from the back. They was some cemetary in the back and I shot it from there. It was a cloudy overcast day. I got some good shots and then I went to meet a friend.

He was following me and the car just died in West Pittston, by the river. Piece of junk. Fuel pump failed. Brand new car and it was always broke. It would start, run a little, and stall out and die. I was going to the Harry E to get some shots of it. Well, I ended up getting it towed and I ened up going with my friend to the Susquehanna Grill in West Pittston and Rygiel\'s Pub in Dupont.

I saw the news stories about the breaker being demolished and could make out on the horizon the breaker like laying on its site. For some reason I did not get over there to see the ruins.

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