Bazaar Next To Breaker


April 8, 2007

One of my favorite bazaars was the West Pittston Goodwill Fire Company Bazaar. It was across the street from the Sullivan Trail Breaker.

It was like a lost world there. The breaker in the background, all the old trucks, equipment and
dragline buckets. The roadside would be jammed with cars from all the people going to the
Bazaar. The side of the road was all that fine coal silt. In the back was piles of it and larger
chunks of slate.

They used to get good bands like Stonebridge (later Riverside). The quintessential moment was
when you bit into a sausage and pepper sandwich while the band belted out "Brown Eyed Girl"
or "Fortunate Son".

The breaker was always in the horizon when you looked up.

I don't even know if that fire company is even around - it was a small volunteer one. Some kind
of political think funneled money to the other hose company in West Pittston.

Last time I went to the Blue Ribbon Dairy I looked were the Hose Company Grounds were and it
did not look like there was anything there.

There was a dead end street across from Keystone Automotive that lead to the grounds too. One
of these days I will have to check it out to see what is still down there.

Well the breaker is gone now, replaced by town homes and a housing development and that hose
company did not have a Bazaar in many years

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