Falling Springs, 1980s


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March 29. 2013

Here is a shot of Falling Springs, right next to Coxton Yard, in the 1980s.  At one time Coxton road was single lane with pull offs to allow cars to pass.  In some places, there was a berm of the road to park on.  

You could walk all the way up to the top of the waterfall and look out at the yard and the river.  

A few years ago some kid fell almost 70 feet off the waterfall.  


Falling Springs, 1980s

There was a little pool of water there and you could go in and stick your feet in, but most of the time in the summer there was not much water in it.

The photo was taken with a Kodak Disc Camera - like a 110 camera but with the franes in a disc configuration.  The shots can be very grainy.  But that is all that they had back then, except for 35mm.


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Tidbit :

From 1991 CONRAIL Timetable :

Taylor Secondary Track 

Distance from Hoboken 

136.7  TAYLOR (D&H Railway) 
139.7  OLD FORGE 
  (Lehigh Sec and 
  Pocono Northeast RR)  

(Why is the distance 
listed as distance 
from Hoboken, since
trains have not run 
to Hoboken in many,
 many years ??? 
It was a hold over from the Erie Lackawanna Times Table. )