Walkway Over The Hudson

I went to the Walkway Over The Hudson with my Girlfriend ... we did the Walkway Loop Trail, where you walk over the Walkway Over The Hudson ... through the streets of Poughkeepsie ... and them back over to Highland over the Mid Hudson Bridge. Spectacular views ... and a few trains too.

walkhud_34_small.jpg walkhud_01_small.jpg walkhud_02_small.jpg walkhud_03_small.jpg
walkhud_04_small.jpg walkhud_05_small.jpg walkhud_06_small.jpg walkhud_07_small.jpg
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walkhud_16_small.jpg walkhud_17_small.jpg walkhud_18_small.jpg walkhud_19_small.jpg
walkhud_20_small.jpg walkhud_21_small.jpg walkhud_22_small.jpg walkhud_23_small.jpg
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